Will MMS Revolutionise Mobile Marketing?

Although MMS has been around for some time, early teething problems in its use have hindered any real surge since its inception. However, it would now appear that the teething problems have been addressed and MMS is ready to make its mark on the mobile marketing world. But in making this mark, will MMS be revolutionary?

Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) to a large extent, build on the core principle of SMS messaging but with the added feature of encompassing multimedia content within the messaging. For marketers then, this opens up a whole new world of opportunities in interacting with a target audience. In general, MMS comes in the form of Mobile vouchers and are often used to increase sales and promote customer loyalty.

MMS has proven to be an effective way of increasing product awareness, targeting hard to reach audiences, and launching new marketing campaigns. This can mean repeat business with customers and thus an extended customer loyalty base. This can be done by driving traffic towards new stores or events, giving direct discount to customers on a product and incentivising customers to try a new service.

MMS can deliver animated multimedia messages including; music and voice to the customers in an engaging, tailored and unique manner.