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The UK Government have recently announced that any free porn websites which do not enforce strict age restraints could face being shut down or blocked. Because I knew that you might not believe any sort of network porn block could go ahead, I spoke to one of the heads of one of the top four ISPs who, wishing to remain anonymous, told me that they had been having various discussions with the government, and that if the major porn sites don't respond in the desired way, the government will legislate.

David Ley, a clinical psychologist was quoted saying: ‘There was no sign that use of pornography is connected to erectile dysfunction or that it causes any changes to the brains of users.' But India seems to be convinced that porn is a big problem and the Supreme Court actually asked the Centre to ban porn (April 28, 2014) to which the Centre replied: ‘No-can-do's-ville, baby doll.' (Ok, I might be paraphrasing).

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Anna tells me that half of the porn market is amateur and that there is always real demand for it. Plenty of companies, like "Amateurs Fun Studio" based in Surrey and "Mature Amateur Productions" based in London, thrive on this "authentic" vibe. Michelle told me that a lot of the free sites contain a lot harder stuff because they're filmed outside of the UK, mostly in Europe or Japan. Porn producers have a number of costs to cover, including the equipment, the props and the STD checks, which cost £150 $230 a month.