Are Custom-Built Motorbikes Insurable? by Michele Walls

It is perfectly possible to arrive at a motorbike insurance policy to cover your custom-built bike. But because the makeup of the vehicle does not conform to any of the standards of commercial motorbike manufacturers, the policy will have to be formulated based on the specs of the bike itself. This will involve more time. To considerably shorten the wait for the motorbike insurance, it is advised that the owner of the vehicle coordinate closely with his insurance facilitator.

Uniqueness leads to difficulties in replacement

Because the parts making up the custom-built motorbike may be uncommon and expensive, the difficulties of (1) finding replacement for damaged parts and of (2) replacing the entire bike have to be carefully studied and the findings made to reflect on the motorbike insurance's policies. For instance, if a part is not available commercially and will have to be made to specification, the value of the insurance premiums will increase accordingly.

The total displacement of the cylinders of the engine itself goes towards determining its performance and therefore, also, its cost. Eventually this affects the premiums of the motorbike insurance too.

The age of the driver and his driving record need to be considered

The insurance company will always assume teen-agers to be more of a risk than mature drivers. The motorbike insurance premium for individuals below 25 tends to be higher. Additionally, a poor track record reflecting many instances of self-caused accidents and traffic violations may increment the motorbike insurance payments further.

Other options to consider

Having taken care of the specialized details of the vehicle and the driver, the client needs to select what sort of policy he wants.

A comprehensive motorbike insurance policy covers both the policy owner and any third party persons that he may involve in an accident. The persons, the companions and the vehicles (where that applies) of both the policy owner and the third party are considered

A third party motorbike insurance policy only answers for claims that the third party may pursue. These claims include the person, the companions and the vehicle of the third party.

A third party + fire + theft motorbike insurance policy provides protection for both the policy holder and the third party. The policy owner's vehicle is covered in case of theft and damage due to natural calamities such as fires, earthquakes, lightning and such like. This third type also covers vandalism by persons or animals as well as damage incurred by collision with an animal.

Carelessness is not covered

In all these types of policy, the insurance company is only liable as far as the mishap was not the fault of the policy holder. All expenses not valid in that context will have to be dished out by the policy holder himself.