Where do you get your water?

Nothing happens by chance! This made more sense to me when my husband and I happened to spot Nimbus Water Systems on our drive around Toronto over a year ago. Located at 928 Wilson Ave, this unit provides one of the best customer services I have come across, and trust me, I am hard to please.

It all began when my husband injured his back and the staff was more than willing to carry the water gallons into our car, every single time. Santo, the owner (which I didnt know at that time) provided us with great tips and service when we inquired about cleaning options of our water dispenser. These are some of the nice gestures you come across when dealing with Nimbus.

I am a client of Nimbus ever since and am utterly satisfied with the water quality. The knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful staff is an added bonus.

Now, enough of all that. Lets talk about what Nimbus is all about.

Nimbus water systems is a family run business with its presence in Toronto for more than 30 years as the Canadian distributor of Nimbus commercial and residential reverse osmosis products. It is managed by Santo Bozzo and his two sons Peter and Anthony Bozzo whom I had the privilege to meet during my visit recently.

Peter Bozzo, VP of Nimbus Water Systems explained the difference between carbon filtration and reverse osmosis during our meeting. Reverse osmosis uses a unique membrane technology to separate pure water molecules from tap water where impurities are flushed out continuously. A simple carbon filter only removes some of the impurities plus the filter can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Why we need to do this to our water, you might ask? Well, water is a universal solvent which mean it dissolves both organic and inorganic particles along its travel path. It also carries dust, dirt, and rust while flowing. This is why it is essential to filter and purify it before consumption. Reverse osmosis is capable of removing impurities up to 0.0001 inches in thickness. Despite common believe, boiling your water will not remove toxics, in fact it concentrates some of the chemicals found in water. For more common myths, click here.

There are many water filtration/ water systems retailers out there and I would like to point that it is imperative that you only buy a certified unit. Nimbus offers NSF certified systems and uses FDA, UL, and CSA approved materials to ensure safety. For more information on water safety or certifications, please visit the Canadian Water Quality Association.

Water treatment is not only for your drinking water. Heat from the hot water during shower opens up pores and a higher percentage of the chlorine is inhaled and absorbed by the skin. Shower filters at Nimbus are easy to install and claims to remove 99% of chlorine off the water. This is what I plan to get next. If its going to reduce the amount of chemicals in the water I come in contact with, then why not.

Now, you can always call Nimbus at 1-800-508-7125 or visit their website for more information on all their available services as its too many to list. The highlights are the purified water, water systems, shower filtration, pure water vending systems. If you are worried about the environmental impact of using plastic water bottles, then you will enjoy Nimbuss Bottleless Movement, designed to reduce use of disposable plastic bottles. Nimbus offers an array of stainless steel and glass refillable bottles to be used on the go. They also carry glass containers to be used on water dispensers. What a great way to protect the environment and your body.