At that time Real Madrid was beleaguered to sign Bale

C Ronaldo could return to Manchester United next summer While transfered to Real Madrid, the Portuguese superstar C Ronaldo is still obsessed with the former Manchester United club. A few days ago, C Ronaldo claimed in an interview Manchester United is still his favorite, and he hopes someday to return to Old Trafford. According to the World Sports Daily report, Manchester United also intends to take back his former kings, and has prepared €70 million funds.As early as last summer, Manchester United have the opportunity to take back C Ronaldo Fifa 16 Coins.

At that time Real Madrid was beleaguered to sign Bale, and contract negotiations between C Ronaldo and Galacticos was not satisfactory, then the Portuguese star thought of Manchester United. It is reported that C Ronaldo even met Manchester United representative last year, but eventually Florentino promised C Ronaldo to help him win the Golden Ball Award, the annual salary also rose to a staggering 16 million euros, this finally makes C Ronaldo stay.Today, there is a problem between C Ronaldo and Real Madrid seniors.

Hence Manchester United saw an opportunity to lure him away.In 2009, Manchester United sold C Ronaldo to Real Madrid with a record of 96 million euros. In a few years time, the Portuguese star showed great strength and adaptability. The next year in February, C Ronaldo will be at least 30 years old, his state will also decline with increasing age. And for such a 30yearold veteran, the Manchester United's offer has been high enough Buy Fifa 16 Coins.