Save money and be assured repair six methods

"Is easy to buy a car but difficult to maintenance a car." It makes a lot of private car owners feel helpless, many owners reflect, in addition to high oil prices; in fact, make them the most trouble is the high maintenance costs: Most owners�� love your car, usually to good service, quality assured 4S shop car repair station maintenance, but will be for every pocket spending too much money and distressed. So, how can both ease of maintenance make the owners, but also save money?

1, suggest more carefully when replacing parts
Some service stations in pursuit of profit, would recommend owners to replace some of the unnecessary replacement of parts launch x431 pro plus, increasing the burden on car owners.
In this regard , the master of a repair station told reporters that some parts can be repaired should be repaired, then replacement cannot be repaired , such as front and rear bumpers, door; cover and so on, if not serious collision bent , repair costs far much lower than the cost of replacement parts.

2, the price to shop around
In the minds of many consumers, the same brand 4S shop price and time charge for parts and repair stations authorized service station should be the same, it is not. The more common parts, more consistent price each store, because common parts specified by the manufacturer in the same brand 4S stores have different prices for the same, but some of the "cold" Accessories because the replacement frequency is not high Launch X431 Diagun, the price between the various shops there are still differences, sometimes also a lot of difference. The different service stations in different time and price causing cold parts prices are not the same, so when replacing, the owner may wish to make a few calls, compare and then replaced, it will save a lot of money.