shark Assault Deathmatch

To watch Shark Week 2014 is to know what it means to be a real lover of marine life. The PlayStation 2 to me was the golden age of survival horrors with Silent Hill 2 to 4, Mission Zero 1 to 3, Siren, Haunting Ground, and even Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X and Resident Evil 4.Silent Hill is my favourite sport franchise and I have completed every certainly one of them and it would be attention-grabbing to see if Hideo Kojima meant what he mentioned about making a Silent Hill game.

Ocearch's shark tracking app ( free on the App Retailer ) means that you can observe the situation of sharks that could be close by you right now! It may be somewhat much for some of us but may stay a celebration trick must you be attending some Shark Week 2014 festivities. Although should you're searching for some non-Discovery channel endorsed fun, the Shark Week Ingesting Recreation search question on Twitter supplies some good ideas - or unhealthy ones, relying on what you're chugging.

Apart from staying in that underwater lodge in Dubai, one in every of my objectives in life is to go head-to-head with a zombie shark. I acquired to fulfill that dream with the sport's zombie shark mode, by which you must struggle the undead monstrosities in a map resembling Atlantis. Except for Skyrim, Shark Assault Deathmatch is perhaps essentially the most bang-for-your-buck recreation I've ever performed. You actually get a variety of content material on your money, as long as you don't mindyour contents often getting spilled by a hungry shark.

Resident Evil as much as number 5, Silent Hill up to 3, Challenge Zero, Amnesia: The Darkish Descent, Lifeless House 1 and 2, ZombiU, Forbidden Siren… all nice video games and sadly virtually all of them quite old or a part of a franchise that has jumped the shark. The humorous factor is though I am not really a horror movie fan and I never find them scary, but an excellent survival horror game can find me literally turning the TV off in worry. I have to admit that though I am all for variety in games and would hate to see the style go by the wayside I've never completed a survival horror sport.

Just like we noticed with Dark Souls, which is why I feel that when a developer says they need to make a sport more accessible it usually means dumbed down so that the lowest common denominator will purchase their product. Cinema would MULTIPLAYER SHARK HORROR GAME not have to have its horror protagonists killing 1000's of monsters or whatever to earn a living. People like to be scared and given the opportunity would lap up true survival horror video games.