LED show sector in recent years paved the "glory" Avenue

LED display in the country's improvement time is not extremely long, however the scale and size of the marketplace has been capable to shake the makers from the international sophisticated. The rapid improvement of your domestic LED display market, but in current years the market place has encountered a bottleneck, should you can not make a breakthrough in technology, so future improvement wouldn't be so rapid.


In current years, as the show continually upgrade technology, significant show device in musicals, new conferences, fashion shows, weddings and other types of stage performances, functionality, choreography session assume an increasingly important function. The interactive LED brick screen has been added to this market several new tips to show the way, an obscure field, previously do not assume LED display(variable message signs) can take this step.


LED brick screen display is designed for ground and to make LED displays, commonly specially developed bearing in indicators, protective properties, anti-fog properties and thermal properties, to ensure that it might adapt to high-intensity pedaling, long-running, reducing maintenance . Since it can show adjustments colorful ground color and are extensively made use of.


Regular brick and only in accordance using a predetermined system screen video playback fixed to meet diverse artist performances, interactive LED brick screen in line with the human induction principle, be able to comply with the activities with the human physique showing instant image impact, which may be accomplished by means of such actors, at the foot seems water ripples, open flowers and other effects for the performances, weddings and also other activities to create a far more lovely lighting effects.


When traditional brick screens can also achieve a comparable impact by way of pre-designed video, but cultural events normally uncertain website, you have to have devoted employees accountable for video playback, adjust, not just demands quite a bit of sources, but can not attain in time and accurate, interactive screen tiles can be targeted to solve this difficulty.


Of course, to achieve a related effect also can use interactive projection technology. Infrared radiation is perceived human motion and projector graphics projected around the ground dynamics. Compared with interactive LED brick screen, interactive projection benefit is its imaging range isn't limited inside the screen, the larger the projected range. When the body wants to become projected on a graphic, interactive projection apparent positive aspects. Certainly, when the body doesn't need imaging applications LED(EN12966) brick screen is additional practical.


LED display because of the significant quantity of suppliers, resulting in tremendous competitive pressure, now the cost war will be to let makers miserable, and item differentiation may be the solution to go next factory, LED brick screen and maybe some manufacturers to escape the cycle of competitors an chance to not just see the future with the LED display, but additionally allows customers to have far more experience.