Sydney Window Cleaning for Beauty and Cleanliness

Windows are one of the places that dirt shows up most clearly, yet also one of the areas that are cleaned least often by the typical homeowner or commercial property janitor. As a result, windows often become speckled or mottled with water stains from rain, dust and pollen, fly or even bird droppings, cobwebs, smudges of skin oil from incautiously placed fingers, and so on.


Engaging the services of a good Sydney window cleaning company, such as Active Window Cleaning Service, will quickly return your windows to a bright, transparent, beautifully clear appearance that will be a relief to the eye and make your whole building more pleasant and attractive. Commercial properties will look more professional with freshly cleaned windows, while a house is cosier and neater.


There are several reasons why windows are so seldom cleaned. One is that they need to be cleaned both inside and out, and often contain complex arrangements of panes that also need to be cleaned as well. Cleaning the outside of a window can range from inconvenient – since even a ground floor window in a residential bungalow will typically need a stepladder to be reached – to extremely hazardous and potentially lethal for amateurs – as when the window is near the summit of a tall building.

Cleaning windows also requires specialized equipment and cleansers if it is to be done properly. Bringing a glass to the height of its sheen and crystalline transparency is best achieved using tool and cleaning compounds specifically designed to produce good results on glass.


Active Window Cleaning Service will provide you with the thorough, complete cleansing of your windows that will transform them from blotchy, embarrassing eyesores to crisp, clean surfaces of pure-looking glass that give a wonderfully clear vision of the outside world.


Whether you are interested in a one-time cleaning or an ongoing windows cleaning program, and whether you have a single window in need of scrubbing or ten thousand, we are ready to provide you with professional, affordable Sydney window cleaning at any location within the city or its suburbs. For more details visit