The most higher performance android 4G mobilephone Huawei P8 Reviews

The new production Huawei P8 is belong to Huawei brand. Huawei P8 is so popular with Chinese people, that many people had buy it. In addition , Huawei P8 provide several version and several different colors.And also , I have provide some reviews about Huawei P8 to you .


The navigator has threebond four key mode, combination of the four, have a total for our habits. Single handed operation settings, you can customize the single hand screen and single hand keyboard, greatly facilitate the single hand operation.As a domestic brand flagship model, to make this, has let me very surprised, HUAWEI P8 is undoubtedly the pride of the current domestic machine. The system feels good, and HTC is better than. Video is also a stereo, sound recording software is good, but also stereo, feeling very good.4G network connection is awesome, I measured Unicom 4G, speeds up to 5MB+/ seconds. N times better than 4000000000000 cable network. Hass 935 awesome running smooth kylin, fever also does not like a lot of people say that serious.


Those reviews come from our buyer, I hope those reviews could help you , if you want to buy a Huawei P8.I think my blog will help you ,and I will often update to my blog about Huawei P8