All About Finding An HDB Registered Renovation Contractor

All About Finding An HDB Registered Renovation Contractor

Before we get into the heart of this article, let's first tackle something that you might be curious about: the HDB in HDB renovation contractor. HDB just refers to Housing & Development Board and it's actually the government agency in Singapore that manages the real estate industry in the city state.


If you own an HDB home, you might be considering remodeling it to fit your personal taste and luxury. Before starting on any work, you should look at the official website of the HDB and take a look at the the various companies listed there that are readily available for your renovation needs.These companies that are registered with the HDB ensure that they don't damage your building structure when undertaking a renovation project.


The engagement of those companies is just on the private basis between flat proprietors and the contractor companies. The HDB isn't aware of anything. If there's disagreement around the prices, schedule or the quality of the renovation work done, both sides would need to resolve the problem between themselves. When the matter can't be settled by amicable settlement, they might seek help through the Small Claims Tribunal. Alternatively, they might seek remedy through court proceedings. But this is really going into the extreme, and any HDB registered renovation contractor woud have the wherewithal to do a good job. See this weblink for more information about HDB Renovation Contractor :


But just to be on the safe side of things, you should only deal a certified contractor. While this doesn't guarantee zero problems, you are assured access to dispute resolution measures.


How do you choose a renovation contractor? You should first start by requesting quotes from at least three different contractors. You are encouraged to obtain different quotes before hiring someone. This is  to ensure that you'll be less vulnerable against misrepresentation, over charging, as well as pressure sales tactics.


Any work that's about to be done on your behalf should be covered by a comprehensive agreement detailing what work will be done by the contractor, and outline what will happen if the contractor fails to live up to his end of the bargain. On the HDB website you will find a link to a sample agreement that you can customize to your needs.


Just because we live in Singapore, it does not mean that we are immune from problems that may arise out of a job gone wrong. This is why you need to vet different contractors and this is wgy you need to seal your job with a comprehensive agreement.