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Pretoria, South Africa - January 2012 - Transport companies are liberally represented in this country. Road transport in particular, is one of the biggest sectors of this industry, and this is where Active Transport has positioned itself. The road network is extensive, comprising some 754 000 kms nationally, with about 70 000 kms being surfaced.

For many years previously, most of South Africa's goods were dispatched by rail. As the economy grew and prompt deliveries became more important, trucking of goods via road grew. The rail sector just could not offer the same service that road cartage could. There are said to be plans to regenerate the aging goods rail system, but this lies in the future, and will take time and large investment before it might play the same role as it did in bygone days.

Where to Find Transport Businesses

Although telephone directories and Yellow Pages list these organisations, the internet is accessible to most persons seeking information. Certainly, the majority of established companies either are listed here, and/or have their own websites.

Because clients would be most likely to contact a moving company in their own area, search engines will take them directly to relevant listings. Well established contractors such as Active Transport, have branches in the major centres, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and cities in other provinces nationally.

Types of Transport Providers

There are probably more types of carriers than there are types of vehicles. Besides air, sea and generic truck freight, most concerns specialise. They move abnormal loads and rigging, provide supply chain storage, as well as offer distribution and transport to the the taxi industry, car hire, busses and shuttle services. These concerns also specialise in their own defined geographical areas.

Certain service providers cover only their local area, whilst others do likewise and also undertake long distance, cross border and international moving. Active Transport offers its quality services in all these sectors.

Furniture Removals

Due in part to South Africa's new dispensation and democracy, economic growth has been substantial. Coupled with this, home and office building and housing development continues on a large scale. This clearly has a very positive impact on furniture removal and relocation contractors, be they office/corporate or domestic services. Not only do first time home owners need to occupy their new premises with all their possessions, but many also upgrade after a few years, again requiring relocation services.

Relocating office equipment is another specialised undertaking. Down time must be kept at a minimum - no business owner can afford the time to cart equipment via many trips in a borrowed minivan or pick-up truck. Sensitive electronic equipment requires extreme care in packing and moving. Documents and files need to be kept in good order.

Active Transport has the expertise, experience and qualified staff to provide effective solutions for furniture packing, removal, storage and transportation. Only covered trucks are used, and the safety and protection of everything they handle, is of prime importance.

A concern such as Active Transport, which regards removals as an art and a way of life, rather than just a series of jobs, makes it their core business to provide exceptional service in all aspects of their activities.