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How did we find beauty inspiration or learn how to create a sexy smoky eye before the Internet? It's hard to imagine a world without countless video tutorials and blog posts informing us on how to master contouring like a Kardashian, or draw the perfect cat-eye for our eye shape. Sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing. With all of the beauty blogs out there, it can seem daunting to find the right beauty guru for you, which is why we've brought you some of our favorite sites here, so you don't have to do the digging.

The best beauty blogs teach us so much about the products we use, and they take away the intimidating factor that makeup (and makeup trends) can sometimes have. The occasional buyer's remorse is inevitable (did you really need SIX new lipsticks?), but thanks to online reviews we go into our favorite beauty meccas a little bit more educated. Because of beauty bloggers, we are more aware. We now know the ingredients in our favorite products, how to get the very last drop of our lotions and creams, how to create DIY solutions of that always-sold-out beach spray, and exactly what works best hair straighteners for our skin types.

Beauty is so much more than makeup. It's about skin care, mastering that new hairstyle, and, most importantly, self-acceptance and confidence. The latest batch of blogs have that all covered. How do you get rid of scars or hide oily roots? They've got the solutions. Not feeling confident with your latest haircut, or a new shade of eyeshadow? There's a post about that, too.

Arguably the most helpful aspect of a beauty blog is the tutorials it offers. Instead of heading to the makeup counter or salon, we can just go online and see firsthand how to curl our hair with a straightener or design our own neon, ombr