Proper Specialist Care can Result in Good Overall Health

The level of care a person gives to their gums and dentist in brooklyn ny teeth has a significant effect on their overall health. Neglected oral health can result in more than bad breath and a sore mouth; it can lead to all manner of health problems, including oral cancer. Research has established a connection between gum disease and heart trouble, stroke, and bacterial pneumonia. Many people disregard the connection between the health of their mouth and their overall well-being, but such ignorance can be devastating. In this article, patients can learn about the role that nutrition and a dentist in flushing ny can play in good oral health.

The Importance of Lifestyle and Diet in Overall Oral Health

Certain lifestyle factors and dietary habits can affect the health of a patient's mouth. Those factors include, but are not limited to, the following.

Sugar consumption. Eating a sugar-rich diet contributes to gum disease and tooth decay, as mouth bacteria thrive in such an environment.

Smoking. Dentists have long known of a link between tobacco usage, throat cancer, oral cancer, and gum disease. Tobacco smoke has toxic effects on gum tissue and it can impede blood flow to the area.

Alcohol. Drinking can lead to oral problems through dehydration, which encourages bacterial growth. Moreover, an alcoholic or a person with a drinking problem is less likely to practice good oral hygiene.

Weight fluctuations. For a person who wears dentures, changes in weight can affect the appliance's fit. To fight decay and keep a healthy weight, the ADA recommends patients eat a high-fiber, vegetable-rich diet.

Medication. Some antibiotics can cause staining of teeth, depending on when they're taken. Other medicines can stop the flow of saliva, which can promote bad breath and tooth decay.

Have a Healthier Mouth and Enjoy a Healthier Body

For better oral health, and to stay healthier overall, a flushing dentist will recommend that patients make regular office visits to handle problems before they get out of control. Patients should also practice adequate oral hygiene at home, carefully flossing and brushing teeth on a regular basis to prevent the problems brought about by plaque buildup.

While dentists can often work miracles with patients' smiles, there's nothing that cannot be undone by a patient's poor dental care habits. By seeing a Dentist in Flushing NY, regularly and by visiting dentistinflushingny., the patient can protect their oral health and move toward an overall healthier lifestyle.