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So while you will NEVER know for sure until the moment arrives, let's look at 3 sexy signs that the shy girl YOU'VE got your eye on maybe a lot more WILD, than mild, where it matters most!

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Why? Because women who tend to be addicted to endorphins in the gym, tend to be bigger thrill seekers, and even more willing to take it off and want to SHOW it off in the bedroom to boot!

Consider this: A private survey done in 2013 by a well known fitness magazine asked self described women "workout warriors" what their favorite way to burn calories and get fit was. More than 80% of the women who worked out 5 times a week or MORE claimed that SEX was their preferred way to work out if possible... with the gym, or other exercise like Yoga being a distant #2.

The key takeaway is, women who crave physical fitness often would prefer SEX as their workout of choice, and often only need a partner who can keep UP to keep them inside!

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Women who are big fans of food experimentation, and haute cuisine, often have equally as adventurous ambitions with intimacy as well. Food can be a huge aphrodisiac as movies like 9 ½ weeks scandalously portrayed years ago... and a woman who appreciates experimenting with Chinese can often be a sign of an erotic, adventurous lover as well. If her food tastes run WILDER rather than mild? Believe it or not, the spicier her tastes run in the kitchen, the spicier her sexual appetites may be as well!

Filed Under: The shy, quiet artistic types will often blow you away in bed!

In my own experience with hundreds of thousands of female readers, and hundreds of real life friends, I can tell you that the women who have the most erotic and adventurous sexual stories are almost always the ones who surprise me most.

As a matter of fact...

Quite often, women who are expressive in art, music, and even who have a very sensitive spiritual side, are almost always those who tend to look at sex as MORE than a physical exercise, but a completely spiritual experience as well!
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