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If the seedlings fall over, tie them to a stick for support. This is called 'rationing'. The main drugs to lower blood pressure are  beta blockers including Acebutolol, Atenolol, Zebeta, Corey, Brevibloc, Lopressor, Levatol and Inderal to name just a few.   If that is all that is available to you in your area, get some sand, and mix it into your soil. Drugs should be reserved for those cases that do not respond to lifestyle changes such as genetic high blood pressure. There are only a small percentage of people who have genetic high blood pressure.

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Meet Moringa, The African Superfood That's Healthier Than Kale | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

"We want to make Americans adopt moringa the same way that they latched onto quinoa 10 years ago, acai six years ago, and chia seeds three years ago," she says. Kuli Kuli, her startup, sells the leaves in nutrition bars, ground up into powder, and in the form of tea. "Moringa leaves have a green, earthy flavor, slightly smokey, but not as bitter as kale or as spicy as arugula," she says. "A lot of people substitute moringa powder for kale in smoothiesit's a lot easier to add a scoop of moringa powder to your smoothie as opposed to spending your morning ripping up kale leaves, and it's actually more nutritious." Compared to kale, gram for gram, moringa leaves have twice the protein, six times the iron, and 97 times the vitamin B2. So the startup is hoping that the same crowd that embraced kale will create a new market for the little-known African plant. Though some have experimented with growing moringa in Southern California and Arizona, it grows best in tropical climates. In Ghana, where Kuli Kuli is working with a nonprofit moringa-growing cooperative of 500 women, the plant can thrive with little water or care. A seedling can grow 15 feet in a single year.

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