The Benefits of Balance

Fire burning at my core, each breath fueling the flames. The energy, the heat, they bring me in; with a gaze that is set I stare intently at hues of yellow and the vibrant glow of sun-burnt orange. I feel power passion and strength as the fire that caught my core is now penetrated by my eye that is watchful, fueling the fire within. I'm vibrant, I'm alive, I am potential energy ready to explode. I AM.

The part captures the essence of maleness that is raw. There's something powerful about the energy a fire can amass and feature. That is literally our 'engine room', the heat is necessary to break down the foods we nourish ourselves with in order to transform the nutrients into energy - not dissimilar to the Sun's role, granting the Earth having a secure environment to grow those foods we must harvest so that you can keep our bodies alive. In essence, the Sun is feeding the Earth and also the Earth in turn feeds us. An entire cycle based on balance: strength and surrender; give and receive; masculine and feminine; Yin and Yang...

At times in my life I've experienced periods where my energy that was female was being overpowered by my masculine energy and vice versa. Within my own unique manner of seeing the world, I see lots of these same imbalances presenting themselves in others too. I see 'feel' instead, an over-expression of masculine energy in a substantial majority of men and women with whom I come into contact with. I refer to these opposing and balancing energies as being an inherent element of what makes the essence up. There are masculine and feminine aspects Click Hereā€¦. always at play within all of us it's the type of the Universe and functions the balance of all that is.

This overpowering masculine power I consider is driven from our modern day society's pressures to uphold a certain amount of 'activity' and 'status' in our regular lives. Should you consider the quantity of time we spend working, driving, exercising, feeding, clothing, washing, cleaning, texting, Face booking, watching television, looking after the kids/ dogs/ cats, speaking, stressing... When compared with the amount of time spent merely BEING - still, quiet, in nature - we come to know this imbalance I'm referring also. Plenty of our waking hours are spent over- exciting our nervous systems, and this creates an excessive energy output, which is why anxiety and affliction are so prevalent in our society. Believe that, the body will consistently find a method to bring back equilibrium. If we discount the first warning signs of things like fatigue, stress, colds / influenza's, fury, discouragement, feeling there is never enough time; your body will soon develop more serious afflictions so that you can make you STOP and get the remainder it so desperately desires.

There's a physiological response encoded within our DNA which is often referred to as the 'Fight or Flight' reaction. It is our body's vital survival instinct and begins a number of physiological reactions in response to some perceived threat. It activates our bodies being prepared by the Sympathetic Nervous System, the action side, fight or to escape in scenarios that are life threatening. The issue here is that we have long evolved from the time where the perceived threat is escaping a lion or wolf or fighting the neighbouring tribe for acreage. Our perceived threat's these days are running late for work, fighting with our partners, less likely, and worrying about cash an actual scenario that needs the stress response to become active. With our bodies running on empty as a result of the energy it needs to remain in' fight or flight' mode for prolonged periods of time, we begin to determine the physical effects of this abnormal and extremely serious state.

How do we achieve the balance despite the demanding nature of our lives? The aim would be to actively allow ourselves periods of time through the day (and night) where we eliminate the variables causing over- stimulation. Have day naps... Wouldn't it be best attain longevity and to discover balance now? BEING and discovering the balance is a spiritual practice that will require cultivation, dedication and serious commitment, but the benefits far outweigh the initial effort. And soon enough, we find ourselves in an illuminated state and there will never again be any other way to BE.