Discover Balloon Tours

Throughout history people have dreamed of flying. As far back as the story of Icarus from Greece's classical period to the drawn concepts of Da Vinci's flying machine during the Renaissance, the dream taking to the air has been set intently in people's minds. Then, in 1783, the actuality of flying took off with the Montgolfier brothers hot air balloon in France with resounding acclaim.

Today balloons are still admired as they drift through the sky displaying their bold patterns painted on their lofty forms. Upon seeing a hot air balloon, one can't help but imagine at what it must feel like to be up there. The thing you might not be aware of are how many opportunities there are to do just that.

Hot air ballooning groups frequently offer the opportunity to take flight through balloon rides. Customers can take their place in the basket and catch an aerial view of the landscape around them. They'll have the thrill of sailing through the sky aboard of a hot air balloon. Often ballooning enthusiasts offer scenic tours via hot air balloon of interesting tourist destinations full of looking for fun events within Lancaster County.

Excellent ballooning teams will do more than just let you ride along. They'll share their knowledge and experiences in ballooning. You'll learn some of the historical facts surrounding hot air ballooning. Hot air balloon companies will show you the way they inflate these colorful and enormous balloons. They will explain how hot air balloons work and how they're controlled.

Hot air ballooning is something the whole family can enjoy. It combines the beauty of breath-taking views with the thrill of soaring through the skies. Look on the web to see more on the United States Hot Air Ballooning Team for your next trip.