The Inn At Kristofers In Brother Bay Wisconsin Provides A Great Eating Knowledge


The Inn at Kristofers, found on Bay Shore Drive-in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, is a fantastic place to get a special dinner. My husband and I treated ourselves to dinner there during our...

Door County, Wisconsin is just a popular spot for tens of thousands of travelers annually. Small villages with populations of less than 500 people swell to large crowds throughout the summer weekends as people check out Door County for some rest, relaxation, time o-n the water, and good food.

The Inn at Kristofers, situated on Bay Shore Drive-in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, is a fantastic place to choose a special meal. My husband and I treated ourselves to dinner there during our latest visit to Door County and we were really glad we did. We had an excellent meal.

The first thing we discovered after being placed was the beautiful view of the water. The restaurant is right across the road from the Bay in Sister Bay and big picture windows along the front wall of the restaurant highlight the water view.

Just after being seated our water glasses were filled and a wedge of new lime was added. We received menus and fresh, hot, multi-grain rolls. Browse here at the link crunchbase tyler collins to study how to ponder it. The rolls were served with but-ter rosettes flavored with fresh basil. Click here the to research the reason for it.

The entre special that evening was smoked quail which my husband bought. I'd the certified Angus filet mignon, and our oldest child, who had joined us o-n our trip, find the Roast Duck with Orange Grand Marnier sauce.

We skipped appetizers, soup, and salad although the featured soup for the morning, walnut butternut squash bisque topped with pecans, sounded delightful because we wanted to save yourself room for dessert.

All three entrees were outstanding. The presentation of the plates was pretty and the foodstuff tasted as good as it seemed. The Angus filet had a Cabernet sauce which was the perfect touch with all the meat. Homemade garlic mashed potatoes and a garnish of haystack potatoes rounded out-the entre.

The duck was soft, wet, and very healthy. It was accompanied by fresh steamed greens that were cooked just right, and wild rice that included dried cranberries and nuts.

The quail was, in accordance with my partner, cooked to perfection. H-e really loved it. It was followed closely by the same wild rice as the goose and a crepe full of a cranberry sauce, which he thought was delicious too.

For dessert we split up two selections; the crme brulee and a pumpkin mousse torte. The pumpkin mousse torte had a really gentle pumpkin taste and was served with a fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce. The crme brulee was flamed at the table with Grand Marnier. The mixture of creamy vanilla custard, crunchy caramelized sugar, and Grand Marnier was de-licious.

It is an excellent place to go for a special meal whether its for someones birthday, wedding, or perhaps to treat yourself, although the Inn at Kristofers is not an inexpensive restaurant. I highly recommend trying it. The food is excellent and therefore is the company. You may want to call ahead and make reservations, especially if you're maneuvering to Door County through the busy summertime (, while we didnt have reservations when we dined there..