Public Speaking Techniques How To Use Repetition Like Obama!

Barack Obama is an amazing example of what is about. Hes a black man with an incredible gift for presenting and public speaking, and the ability to kado pernikahan untuk sahabat any group he speaks to. So how does he do it? Thats too big a topic for a short article like this one, but what we are able to do here is to present a small amount of the Obama magic.

Yes, we can. Yes, we are able to. Yes, we are able to.Does this sound familiar? Of course it does! This is the traditional election trail refrain, from speeches such as for example his concession speech following the New Hampshire Primary loss to Hillary Clinton. So what is going here? In this refrain, Barack Obama is demonstrating the power of repetition, as he will so often and with such great effect in his speeches.
Repetition is an essential component of many famous inspirational speaker in history. Note that the repetition does not have to be the same thing three times in a row, as in the above quote. It might be a similar thing repeated at different points in the speech, much like Martin Luther Kings I've a dream speech from 1963 (actually, Obama does this with yes, we can as well).

Repetition is a great example of how motivational speaker speech differs from effective normal speech. In normal speech, we'd very, very rarely repeat a phrase three times in a row. But in a speech, which is a more formal and stylized method of speaking, it could be very effective indeed. What it can is to emphasize what is to be made clear to your target audience. Its easy to forget some a speech that is said only once, but it is almost impossible to forget an element that is repeated. For this reason, it should only be used for the take-home message of the speech.

Finally, never forget the energy of threes! When repetition can be used in speeches, it should more often than not maintain sets of three, rather than any other number. For reasons uknown, units of three are powerfully symbolic to humans in a manner that two and four or even more are not.