5 Resemblances Between Religion and Spirituality

When we were children we were asked, Which preceded, the hen or the egg? If we based our solution on the development story in the Bible, we would certainly answer, Chicken. However if we based our response on our experience in raising chickens, our solution would be, Egg.

The very same can be claimed of the answer to the inquiry, Which came first, Faith or Spirituality?

In terms of our encounter with religious books and conversations, religious beliefs preceded. It is only since a growing number of individuals are speaking about spirituality and discussing it. In regards to the beginning of the fact behind those words or in terms of the object of our understanding, spirituality preceded. The spirit existed before there was any kind of faith. God existed metspirit before there was anyone to praise him.

We could even say that spirituality is a descendant of faith. For many centuries people professed religious beliefs. A few of them increasingly resisted religions other their very own. Christians for numerous centuries opposed paganism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and also any other religious beliefs. This has actually taken place likewise with paganism, Islam, et cetera with respect to the other religious beliefs. They also opposed various other faiths.

However more and more people uncover that simple religious beliefs can not address their much deeper yearning for a far better encounter of life. So, they resorted to something further and also better than faith. They located this in spirituality.

Considering that spirituality in a sense is a descendant of religious beliefs, there is bound to be some resemblance between them, much like the resemblance between the egg and the chicken.

Initially, both count on a divinity of some kind. Religious beliefs counts on God the Dad or Jesus, or Allah, or Brahman, or Tao. Spirituality thinks likewise in this God or it could envisage God as an universal or primitive power. Both think that such being possesses power greater as well as greater than what we have.

Second of all, both religious beliefs and also spirituality need to have a connection with this divinity. Although the nature of the relationship is various in faith than in spirituality, the wish for this partnership is there. Religious beliefs associates with this higher power with anxiety as well as shivering. Spirituality associates with this divinity with love as well as love.

Third, both faith and spirituality have habits and practices which deepen one's piousness or spirituality. Faith generally has sacred rites or sacraments. Spirituality has reflection or yoga sessions.

Fourthly, both have respect for the spiritual, the other worldly. This is not simply respect for God. This is respect for the fact that is past our feelings and also factor. When religious beliefs presses this respect to its severe, it ends up being superstitious notion. When spirituality presses this regard to its severe, it becomes spiritual spirituality.

Fifthly, both have worry of failure. In religion this failing is punished by hell fire or rep of existence or some other even worse destiny. In spirituality this failing is the failure to realize one's true worth or appreciate and also the fate of a life of meaninglessness. Heck, repeating of presence, non-existence, meaninglessness are forms of punishment for failing, either in faith or in spirituality.