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September 29th, 2015


Not familiar with IPM? It stands for Integrated Pest Management, and it is a system that Impact Pest Elimination strongly believes in for helping you keep your home pest free. IPM is a process of common sense solutions for dealing with pestsfrom treating current pest issues to maintaining control so future outbreaks never happen. Whats more, IPM takes an environmentally responsible approach to handling pests. The four basics steps IPM covers are:

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Set Action ThresholdsOne bug is not a problem. The action thresholds establish when the pest population or environmental conditions require action to be taken by a pest professional.Identification of PestsNot every insect needs to be exterminated. With IPM, we look at which bugs are truly pests and what the appropriate pesticide response would be.Prevention of PestsIt is ideal to stop pests before they reach the action threshold. The goal of this step is to take whatever measures are possible to stop an infestation before it starts.Control of PestsIf prevention isnt an option and the threshold has been met, it is time to move to step four. Now our pest professionals will use the appropriate pest control that is effective and carries the least risk of harm, moving up to stronger levels of pest control if required.


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Most importantly, there is no set-in-stone plan that our licensed pest professionals follow with IPM. Instead, we create a customized and comprehensive plan that is suited to your unique pest issues and needs. Some techniques our specialists may suggest to help protect your home and family against pest-related health and property threats include:


Making sure any outside garbage containers have tight-fitting lidsWashing dishes immediately after use, instead of leaving them in a sink to attract pestsStoring any food, including pet food, in re-sealable containersSealing cracks in the foundation or gaps around plumbing to prevent pests from entering your homeAdding screens to your homes windows and doorsPlacing firewood away from the homeEnsuring downspouts are draining away from your homeKeeping soil and mulch away from your homes foundation

Interested to see how Integrated Pest Management through Impact Pest Elimination can protect your home and family? Call us today or fill out an easy online service request.

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