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Give the perfect gift! Shop Hawaii. kado ulang tahun untuk sahabat Gift Cards can be found and redeemable online or in any ABC Shop. offers a wide range of Hawaiian presents, including Hawaii T-shirts, Hawaiian t shirts, macadamia nuts, Hawaiian jewelry, Hawaii lotion and Island Girl items. Hawaii T-Shirts & Hawaiian Shirts

We carry Hawaii t-t shirts created for ABC Shops: Hawaiian Performance Surfwear, Island Gal, and Hawaiian Functionality Surfwear Our Hawaiian shirts are made in Hawaii, USA. Authentic, 100% quality cotton, legitimate coconut shell buttons, matching print pocket. RJC Aloha Shirts Hibiscus Collection line of clothing - island comfort collection for Women and men includes Aloha T shirts or Hawaiian Shirts, sarongs, pareaus or pareos, comfortable tube or a-collection dresses which can be purchased in many prints.

Macadamia Nuts

You could say nuts like to play -hard to get.- It takes around seven years for a tree to bear fruit. The fruit must ripen on the trees and is generally gathered by hand. Then it requires 300 pounds of pressure to crack the nut's difficult outer shell to expose the delicious kernel inside.

Since the first macadamia tree was planted in 1946 on the Big Island of Hawaii, macadamia nuts have already been used to make a delectable assortment of the best possible products. Great tasting Mauna Loa macadamia nuts and treats meet up with the highest specifications of quality and excellence. Ideal for gift-giving, special occasions or an everyday healthy deal with. Mauna Loa All-Organic Macadamia Nuts

Hawaiian Jewelry

Large collection of Hawaiian Jewelry with island inspirations made and sold solely for ABC Shops include Island Lady watches, bracelets, necklaces, Island Opals, Tropical Pearls (silver with fresh water pearls), Jewel of the Sea - Mother of Pearls available in a range of colors, The Ku'uipo Collection sterling silver line, Island Sense hand crafted bone, Island Treasures style jewelry which includes the popular honu with gems and slipper gem charms, the classic Body Surf Wear - Puka Shell jewelry line and much more.

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Give the perfect gift! Store Hawaii. ABC Gift Cards can be found and redeemable online or in virtually any ABC Store. Visit or call toll free 1-888-703-4222.