At Least 34 Structures Burned in Hidden Pines Fire

Smithville and Bastrop County officials say at least three dozen structures have burned -- many of those are believed to be homes.

Bluebonnet Power Co-op crews have also cut the power to the evacuated areas to help lower the risk of creating more problems.

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Emergency crews say they've begun a preliminary tally of the destruction.

"If I counted right there were 34 that we believe to be home structures," said Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape. "Maybe they aren't homes, but they're structures that look like homes or look like where a home should be. 34 of those, and then other countless outbuildings, garages, tool sheds carports and that sort of thing. Thirty-four, that's a lot. That's about 10 percent of all those meters that Mr. Rose says have been turned off. It's a big impact on our community, our hearts are heavy for those of you who have lost your homes. There may be other homes lost. We do not have any control over a fire."

Officials are asking anyone who may be wondering about their homes to please be patient.

Emergency officials are not allowing residents to go back until each area is safe.

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As areas reopen, people will have to show their ID's at checkpoints to get to their homes.

Crews are working to restore power in areas that have been cleared of fire danger.


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