Simple or luxurious - The design of gift packaging

Many people's gifts could be hadiah ulang tahun untuk pacar with a unique packaging. The official gift send by the Light House or Department of state is wrapped up officially and elegantly with a white or precious metal foil paper which usually decorated with "great seal". One of my friends transmits all her presents packaged with a white gleaming pattern paper, and wrapped with white or slivery silk ribbon. If receiver is feminine, she will add a small branch of silk violet, while if receiver is definitely a male, she will put in a leaf decoration. Someone sends gift relatively at can and paper could have a big function: among my acquaintance prefer to pick an appropriate newspaper as a packaging.

The packaging of present represents your own interest, your hobby, color sense and design characteristic. Once you select your own packaging ways, you may avoid the decision what you must to create in future.

The basic and creative packaging

The noticeable packaging is quite or may be very luxurious. Most gifts could be placed in a packaging with a basic shape: cylindrical, square, brick pack and so forth. These packaging can be small as matchbox and can be large as package wagon. Everyone can learn to fold and paste containers with these forms.

If you are proficient at deal with paper, some layers of color or white cells paper can be designed to a simple and attracting product packaging. Besides, you can signature, lettering on your own paper.

However, many of us are always using the easy common product packaging. Normally, this processing usually may be the thing of last second and without consideration. This sort of packaging will transfer the incorrect signal to receiver that is the sender pick up this present in hurry and without careful choose. While in fact, senders had spent considerable time to pick up a good gift which is suitable to receiver or ideal at a certain time.

Prompts of gift packaging

You can tie a related little gift outside the packaging that means this will bring children extra interesting, and you will be a special gift to adult.

Do select paper with appropriate weight and the packaging type you want. For example, it is wrong to package a small gift with much paper.

Do choose relevant pattern paper based on the size of gift. For example, big pattern would work to a large gift's packaging.

Do develop your own product packaging characteristics, like the using of color, the kind of paper or silk ribbon and special application of containers.

Do remember, writing several sentence to express your feelings is more welcomed by sign your name.

Gift card

Experts think that the card can reflect the changing of society more precisely and quickly that other content. In nowadays, people have realized to send cards with different style and different contents in different time can give differing people a meaningful feeling.

You can send something special card in many occasions, such as the send marriage, a successful entertain, moving to a new house even a divorce. Not every present should attaches with a cards; while once a person receive a card will store it for a long time.