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We have made a small change to PvP world safe zones in thisweek's update.The attack options for players will no longer appear whenin a safe zone,making it much easier to move around and click objectswhen in a safe zone.Multiple Barbarian Assault rewards,ectophials andsecateursIt is now possible to get multiple ectophials,magic secateursand,if you have enough points,Barbarian Assault reward armours withoutrunning into any restrictions.

Because you can't have a Christmas cookies without a terrible joke here and there.For more Snowboarding News and cheap Runescape Gold from Last News : To launch a new RUNESCAPE matching application  Next News : You can play fantasy RuneScape gameCase of foreign online games RuneScape live and Twitch were combined, making the player without opening external software when you can live during the game.To celebrate the game and Twitch integration, RuneScape maker Jagex game company also conducted four hours of live games, for a copy of Cheap RS DarkScape Gold the Spider