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Dear reader,welcome to my brand new blog POLITICELITE.I am a Journalism Student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.As my course demands I am well endowed with knowledge of current affairs as happening in Kenya as well as world wide. Effective communication as emphasized in Journalism is a crucial tool in delivering information and sharing ideas,as such I am a good communicator not to say an effective one.On this site i will mostly talk of the general leadership of the country,with a bias towards politics.

I believe in impartiallity especially in politics and in general affairs of the country,this compels me to remain unbiased towards any faction of the country's political teams. For any type of leadership to function effectively,criticism and alternative ideas come in handy.That is the function of this blog.

For people who knowing what is happening in their country and the world is crucial,POLITICELITE is your ultimate site.I say it like I see it.

Dear reader,for adrenalline sapping and breathtaking comments and real time updates on what is trending in the country,POLITICELITE is the best option for you.Giving it all in a nutshell.

Ahead of the approaching Genreral elections,my blog will enlighten you dear reader on what is happening and share constructive information with you for a better Kenya.

Once again,Welcome dear reader.Your readership of my posts,following of my blog and your comments on my posts are most welcome and appreciated.

As a reminder,My blog will remain totally impartial and will only perceive an indepedent - liberal minded angle.It is my sincere hope that POLITICELITE will help create a better Kenya.

POLITICELITE: The best for Kenya. 

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