Is this a good time to invest in Dubai?

As a real estate agent, there are a lot of factors when you are thinking to move and live in a place like Dubai. It depends a lot about what kind of activity you are doing and what business are you looking for. For a family guy, it is a good chance to find a place near a school. 

Starting a new life in Dubai, UAE

Changes are alwys good in anyones life. Make a change anytime you can, move to different countries, understand different types of people, learn different habbits and explore as much as you can, experience is all.

Finding a job in Dubai, UAE

In general the jobs are including very good packages like cars, a decent salary (depending on your business), accomodation and best of all a very nice view of the ocean that givs you a good feeling after 8 hours of work. You can find different jobs in Dubai , like account executive, business development manager, lots of rols in sales like sales assistant, sales consultant, sales coordinator, sales engineer, sales excutive, and of course jobs as a real estate agent.

The most important for us all is our children, we want our children to be happy, make friends, and be good in school. 

From my experience, the kids will do fine, they will adapt quicker than any adult. The can make friends in every corner of the globe. There are a significant number of proffesional workers from UK, France, Canada and Australia. Dubai is a very expensive city for a low income worker so everyone who wants to move and live there should first think and calculate all the factors and be sure it will be a smart decision. 

Find out more about Dubai here (The Official Portal of the Goverment of Dubai)

In conclusion, Dubai from my point of view is a very good place to start a new life, invest time and make good decisions. Dubai has challenged the norms by introduceing cutting-edge technologies, unique investment strategies and solutions  and innovative concepts across its diversified portfolio in different sectors and markets across the globe. 

It is and will be a great time to invest in Dubai!


I hope this article will be usefull and I will keep posting about diferent advantages in living and working in Dubai, UAE.