Use The Dera Roller To Iron Out Stretch Marks

When you have skin problems like a scar, stretchmarks or those cara untuk menghilangkan jerawat di hidung wrinkles, i quickly think you might find what I must say very helpful!

I've only recently heard about this 'skin needling' gadget and what it could do to rejuvenate your skin layer. So woth having good wrinkles, I purchased a derma roller to try it out.

What Is The Derma Roller?

Skin needling can be an ancient skin device which gently pricks the very best layer of your skin, it doesn't hurt and you won't bleed.

It consists of about 190 micro-needles which are 1 millimetre long. You may get different sized needles depending on your skin texture or what the purpose of the device is.

For example, if you want to get rid of acne scarring then you may need a slightly longer needle which means this will penetrate into the scar tissue.

What Do You Imply 'Rejuvenate' The Skin?

You need to get rid of the top layer of your skin, this is called the skin. The epidermis will rejuvenate (renew itself) quicker than its original 30 times.

I'm sure you've heard the expression 'shedding your skin', well this is exactly what this means. Your old, dead skin cells drop off and are replaced by new skin cellular material. But if you have wrinkles, stretch marks or scars, the you need to rejuvenate at a deeper level.

That's where the derma roller comes in as it really helps to rejuvenate your skin layer layers at a deeper level and at a faster pace.

What Epidermis Needling Does For Your Skin

Skin needling pricks the top layer of skin.What this starts is an activity where more collagen is produced. What is going on here is that you have now broken your epidermis, your collagen begins working in overdrive to greatly help replace those damaged skin cells.

In case you are following me right here, you should realise that utilizing the derma roller 3/4 times weekly, this results in your skin 'renewing' itself 3/4 times a week. Therefore, your wrinkles/scar cells will ultimately be shed and changed with new plump skin cells.