Reliability of Home Pregnancy Tests

A woman who feels she is possibly cepat hamil will buy a home pregnancy test or she'll go to her physician for the same. A house pregnancy test is founded on the effect of hormones within the urine of pregnant woman on the diagnostic strip. This test can produce reliable results only after one or more weeks following the missed period. If it's done before this period, the amount of hormones in urine may not be high enough to be detected by the test.

How This Test is Done:

To get this done simple home test, the woman has to place the test stick or container in some instances, in her urine stream. After a short waiting period the presence or absence of pregnancy is revealed. If the check is not done too soon following the missed period, the precision of such tests is about 97 to 99 percent. It must be kept in mind that some medications like some hormonal drugs used to take care of infertility, can interfere with the pregnancy test and result into 'false positive' test.

Availability and Price:

The home pregnancy tests are freely available in the , food markets, supermarkets and even online and they are quite inexpensive. The cost of course depends on where you get and whether you buy an individual test or a multi-test deal. Why would you need more than one pregnancy test? Simply because if the first test is performed too early and it shows as harmful, when in reality pregnancy has already started. That is why a second check will be required after a few days to either confirm or refute the outcomes of the first test.

Home Pregnancy Vs Physician's Check:

Home pregnancy tests are usually dependable and inexpensive way to verify the presence of pregnancy. They are very like the tests performed by the doctor within their labs. If you choose the latter option, then you would end up spending more than you would on purchasing a home pregnancy test and carrying it out on your own. So go to your nearest pharmacy and buy one or two pregnancy tests. You'll save money and you will do the test in your home in your privacy once you feel like. But it is advisable to perform this test each morning because the concentration of detectable pregnancy hormone (individual chorionic gonadotropin) is maximum in the morning urine.

Sensitivity of the Test:

Not all pregnancy tests are equally delicate to detect pregnancy early. Different pregnancy tests detect the pregnancy hormones at different degrees of concentration. In other words, some tests are sensitive enough to detect pregnancy the moment a day following the missed period. Others are not sensitive and do therefore after weekly or more.

Confirmation of the Test:

Once you get the positive pregnancy test, you should consult your physician so that it could be confirmed with appropriate blood checks and pelvic examination. That is important because if pregnancy has started, then prenatal treatment has to be started in early pregnancy to make sure a wholesome pregnancy and good wellness of the fetus.