Sony Files Lawsuit against Imation Corporation

Sony Corp. and others have filed a lawsuit against Imation for its illegal use of the Blu-Ray logo on its blank discs products. Sony Corporation is the leader of Blu-Ray movie discs. The company and three others invented the high definition discs that would increase viewing pleasure for the audience and people have put up with the high prices because of that. But now, Imation Corporation has issued blank Blu-Ray discs that can be used to record movies; and Sony and the others are not happy about that.



Because companies are free to sell what they wish, Sony’s attorneys were forced to get clever to find proper grounds for suing regarding rivaroxaban. They have now filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Delaware that claims that Imation is illegally using the Blu-Ray official logo, which is copyrighted.

By selling this merchandise without Sony’s permission, Imation’s products are violating the patents. They are also promoting illegal acquisition of the films in Blu-Ray format for the customers who purchase them.Sony, Panasonic Corporation,Pioneer Corporation and Koninklijke Philips NV combined their Blu-Raytechnology patents together in a holding company, One-Blue, LLC in 2009. From this company, the four inventors oversee Blu-Ray licensing.

According to the complaint filed,Imation is aware that its products are for the sole purpose of illegally owning a film and they are in violation of the patents. Imation has not made a comment on the situation at this time.This case will bring to light many issues about copyright infringement, pirating and abuse of technology. Imation may choose to fight for its rights to sell the products, or the companies will reach a settlement out of court and Imation will need to halt its manufacturing and sales of the blank discs.