AC Resonant Measurement

Choosing appropriate design for resonant test requires a lot of expertise. The Resonant Test Systems (RTS) are internationally important, especially in measuring the capacitive AC objects. Measuring of resonance is through an electronic object that has XL (RTS) = XC. Achievement of resonance leads to the realization of RTS supply that caters for the losses and restive aspects of the test item.

Variable inductance resonant utilizes a single transformer that has a variable gap drive known as the HV reactor. The reactor is run through as single phase step up transformer known as Excitation transformer. Variable frequency resonant uses a single and winding transformer that has fixed inductance known as the HV reactor. The reactor is powered through the single phase step up transformer known as Excitation Transformer.

There is the on site and laboratory type of the RTS. But, the variable frequency sets work appropriately with only the reactor that is cylinder type. The lower power systems are especially important in mobile testing through variable inductance that are in cargo trucks, shipping containers or sprinter vans. The system effectively utilizes the benefit of tank type reactor that has the HV bushing. Higher power and voltage items use the VF systems because the VF reactors are relatively small and light, than the VL reactors. Cascading and paralleling of the VF reactors is very easy, for many voltage and current configurations.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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