Child Support Credit regarding Health insurance premiums-New York State Law

Child Support Credit regarding Health insurance premiums-New York State Law

Should I Receive Credit For The Payment Of My Children's Health Insurance?


Cases of divorce are rising at a surprising pace and therefore are the issues associated with the child custody and payments surrounding it. It is never a simple sailing when it comes to deciding upon the financial liability of a non-custodian parent towards his or her kid as various elements are at a play in getting to the actual sum.


Basically, child support is often defined as any or all of the expenditures to be sustained by the non-custodian parent in raising a child and it includes child’s academic, health care, day care as well as health insurance installments.


A parent who isn't in physical child custody should compensate such child support expenditures to other parent and amount of money is influenced by several things for instance the parents’ income, their net worth, way of living before divorce case, living cost in a particular area and whether a child has any kind of special needs. These have to be paid until the kid attains maturity of 21 years. The court’s order is a mandate and cannot be revised at the will of either parent because it can call for a legal action if any parent attempts to altercate the divorce contract linked to custodianship.


An important condition significant here is Will I Get a Credit for Child Support for the Payment of My Kid's Medical Health Insurance?


Because every state in US has its unique set of local laws, the reply can be a no or yes according to elements below:


1.  The health care bills are shared among both the parents depending on their earnings and it involves hospital bills, insurance cover payment and any kind of payment made for the child’s medication.


2.  Only one of the parents working can claim tax exemption by declaring his / her child dependent. This exemption will not be benefited by both dad and mom.


3.  The parent has to get his or her child insured with the health insurance coverage provided by her or his employer, in this situation non custodian parent isn't required to spend on the health insurance plan payments of the dependent kid if employer is supporting the full insurance charges and so its credit can't be obtained.


4.  In the case of any extra health insurance coverage offered by the company, the child must be covered by it.


In case provision 4 and 5 exists, it is not necessary for the parent to acquire a new medical insurance plan as she or he is not eligible to claim its credit according to child support plan as preexisting health policy is accessible and monthly payments towards it are done by the employer and not the parent.


Needless to say insurance is a truly extensive area and covers many elements like accidental, home, vehicle and life insurance plan.  Just an established divorce attorney who has addressed a spectrum of cases could perhaps direct an individual in whole process of property settlements and insurance issues.


It is very wise to select one’s divorce lawyer who can amicably settle issues of argument of custody of the children triggering no sentimental pressure on the child’s future. As a parent it is duty of the both partners that contract terms are respected without any violations in any way.


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