Grand Canyon Helicopters Time to Book Memorial Day Helicopter Tours

It's almost Memorial Day time, and if you want an exciting way to celebrate the vacation weekend, you should have a scenic Grand Canyon san diego hills tour.An air tour is the ideal way to experience among America's most loved landmarks on one of the country's most celebrated holidays. You can book a helicopter tour that lifts off from or Arizona. The tours that keep from Vegas and visit the West are permitted to land at the canyon. The champagne tour comes with an air flow tour of the West Rim, a thrilling descent to the canyon flooring, a champagne picnic, and stunningly gorgeous views. This tour could even be upgraded to include a great raft ride along the easy waters of the Colorado River. It that's not enough excitement, you may also add on passes to the Skywalk along with the rim, where one can walk out on a glass bridge beyond the canyon wall structure.

South Rim

Helicopters aren't permitted to land during tours of the South Rim, but when you book an aerial tour presently there, you can decide on a 30 or 50 minute tour. The 30-minute surroundings tours fly from the South Rim to the North Rim and back again, while the longer tours fly the same path and add on a jaunt over to the eastern advantage of the recreation area. Take the longer tour when you can, because you'll get to discover about 75 percent of the national recreation area from the air when you do.

If you would like to see portion of the South Rim up close, you can include a Jeep tour to your package. You'll see many notable landmarks from the air on your helicopter tour and see them up close when you tour by Jeep. The Jeep tour is a lot of fun, and the South Rim is the only place the tour option is available.

Choosing A Deluxe Or Simple Tour

While you'll get amazing sights on both tours, if you book a deluxe tour, your flight will be a lot more comfortable given that they fly on state-of-the-artwork choppers. EcoStar 130 aircraft are used on the deluxe tours, and these helicopters were made designed for sightseeing flights. You can't get a better view on any other chopper as the deluxe choppers have huge wraparound windshields. The cabins certainly are a lot more comfortable and roomy, plus the seats are positioned so you won't have to worry about anything in the cabin obstructing your watch.

Both the simple and deluxe tours out of NEVADA add a flyover of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Moreover, the deluxe tours offer you an aerial view of the famous Vegas Strip, plus you'll be transported to and from your hotel in a limo.

PURCHASE YOUR Memorial Day Tour Now

Buying Grand Canyon surroundings tours beforehand is always the best idea, but since Memorial Day 2015 will be busy at the canyon, you certainly don't want to put off buying your tickets. Since the holiday is nearly here, now is a good time to book your tour.