Grand Canyon National Park Bus Excursions Are The Fun And Affordable Way To Travel

If you are likely to Vegas for a pemakaman san diego hills, you ought to have a bus tour to the Grand Canyon when you are there. These tour packages are so you don't have to worry about additional charges once your tour starts, the purchase price includes transportation to and from your hotel, lunch, a tour guidebook, Park fees, and taxes. The great thing about beginning your in Vegas is you get to choose between the South or West Rim. In the event that you will travel with children or seniors, you wish to keep the travel time in mind when you decide which rim to visit.

Visiting The South Rim

After leaving Vegas, these motor coach tours get by scenic Lake Mead and Hoover Dam (West Rim tours do too). After that, the bus heads towards Williams, Arizona and the primary gates, passing by a lot of beautiful scenery along the way. A few of the highlights you discover are Mather Stage, Grand Canyon Village, and Yaki Stage. The Village is a good spot to grab refreshments and souvenirs.

Touring Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West has many terrific lookout points, including Guano Stage and Eagle Point. The best view though, is found when standing on the glass Grand Canyon Skywalk. This bridge is made from glass and you can go out onto it 70 feet beyond the advantage and stand 4000 feet above the canyon floor!

You can also take an exciting chopper flight that lands on underneath of the canyon. The West Rim may be the only place in the complete Park where you can have this exhilarating experience. Even though you're on the bottom, you will want to go all out and have a smooth-water float tour down the Colorado?

Grand Canyon bus tours grab of Vegas 365 times a year, vacations included. They leave around 7 in the morning. Tours of the West Rim could be 12 hours long while the ones to the South Rim last about 15 hours. You will likely be worn out after your tour, which means you won't need to book any displays or dining for the evening hours.


The bus tours to the Grand Canyon are really popular because they're so affordable. Make sure to get your chairs early, try for at least four times before your departure date. It is extremely difficult to book seats the day before or the same day.

I also suggest booking your tour on the Internet. That's where the very best rates, deals and discounts generally are. Forget about travel broker sites like Viator or Expedia though. Go directly to the tour operator's internet site. Complete your purchase there and you will get a great Internet discount. Plus, you can get another discount in the event that you do manage to snag a valid coupon code!


Use the Internet rate along with an online coupon and you can spend less off the already low price of a bus tour to the Grand Canyon. Before you buy your seats, figure out which rim you want to see. Either way, you'll have a full day of pleasure and adventure.