The best of Metis-self drilling rock bolt

The best of Metis-self drilling rock bolt

Customers of Metis around the world become more affectionate toward this kind of anchoring product, which can be seen around almost every street corner than they are their brand. Because it has been extensively applied in mining,tunneling,slope stabilization and foundation support projects and other industry.

An anreliable and convenient anchoring product,it can be efficient and energy-saving,Metis self drilling rock bolts are carriers of a people's way of life. To foreigners, they are things that can abstract  the quintessence of that our companies products so well that they stand out of mind almost immediately when people think of the brand-Metis. So what comes to your mind if we talk about Metis? The self drilling anchor bar? self drilling anchor bolt? Maybe drilling machine? We've compiled a list of the things that are generally deemed very "Metis" and hope it resonates with your impression of the Metis.

These main products of Metis include R-thread self drilling hollow anchor bolt,self drilling anchor system,self drilling bolt,self drilling rock bolt and some other accessories.

If you have any question please don't feel any hesitate to contact us at any time we are here waiting for you.
Advanced hardware equipment,great research and development group,standardized management system are our powerful guarantee and help us produce excellent quality,energy-efficient and environmental rock bolts.

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