PlayStation Store Flash Sale is now live


Sony has gone live having a new flash sale about the PlayStation Store, providing lots of video games as well as movies in big discounts (up for you to 85% off). This time, the theme of the flash sale is Survival, featuring mostly horror and thriller video games such as Metro Redux along with Everybodys Gone towards the Rapture, and movies similar to Globe War Z.

Heres the complete listing of all the PS4 games on sale in the store proper now:

TitlePlatformSale PriceOriginal PriceBadland: Game of The Actual Year EditionPS4$4.80$11.99BastionPS4$6.00$14.99Dont Starve: Console EditionPS4$4.50$14.99Everybodys Gone Towards The RapturePS4$8.00$19.99GodzillaPS4$24.00$59.99LimboPS4$4.00$9.99Lone Survivor: The Particular Directors CutPS4$2.00$9.99Lords of The FallenPS4$21.00$59.99Metro ReduxPS4$12.50$49.99Race The Particular SunPS4$3.50$9.99Saints Row Gat From HellPS4$8.00$19.99Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate EditionPS4$16.00$39.99Titan Attacks! R4i Gold pro for Nintendo 2DS $2.40$11.99White NightPS4$4.95$14.99

In supplement for the PS4. For many more details PlayStation,please take a look at the topic revealed here ,which is with regards to the question related with R4i Gold for Nintendo DSi .games, there are any bunch associated with R4i Gold pro for Nintendo 3DS as well as Vita titles on sale as well, plus some movies too. As stated through the popular programmer group with regard to Nintendo 3DSAn Individual could discover the full list here.

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