What is agricultural pest control?

The natural habits of animals and insects can greatly disrupt agricultural efforts http://opm.azda.gov/ and, by default, human populations. Agricultural pest control specialists work to minimize the damage these pests can cause.PurposeThe purpose of agricultural pest control http://pmu.ifas.ufl.edu/ is to preserve plant life by ridding it of destructive animals and insects. This is particularly important for food crops.

ToolsAgricultural pest control specialists often use pesticides to kill the pests that destroy plants.

EducationTo specialize in agricultural pest control, a person must pass an exam to prove http://houstonpestmanagement.com/ that he possesses adequate knowledge in the field. An exam includes questions about pests, pesticides and the effects of both on people and plants.

CertificationThe U.S. Department of Environmental Protection licenses all agricultural pest control professionals.


JobsJobs for agricultural pest control specialists are available at the residential, business and government levels.

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