Andaman Tour Is A Good Choice For Ltc Within India

In Andaman tourism packages travelers will have excellent opportunity of visiting Andaman Nicobar Islands are part of Indias Union territory, and those in LTC travel within India will be greatly benefited by Andaman travel availing the concessions they get in LTC privileges.

These Islands were first known to the world in 1777 through a British Survey when it was occupied by Negritos and Mongoloids for centuries, although Greek Astronomer Claudius Ptolemaeus had mentioned about these islands as early as 2nd Century. Then these Islands became notorious because of the fact that it housed the cellular jails to which Indias freedom fighters were sent by British Government to harass them to give up freedom pursuits. Now, Andaman Islands are beautiful holiday resort today, with their Beaches, Museums, Monuments, Picnic Spots, and sometimes with native festivals promoted by Andaman tourism entertaining the visitors.

There are a number of beaches and places to visit in these islands, and among them Andaman Tourism Complex of Corbyns Cove is one of the most beautiful beach resorts, where one enjoys sea bathing and sun-basking, besides excellent hospitality from the eat houses close by, such as The Wave Restaurant, The Peerless Resort and Hombill Nest Guest House.

Next comes Havelock island which is 30 km northeast of Port Blair, which is a stunning beach line, is incidentally closer to Phuket of Thailand too. Havelock is a large island spreading over 86 sq km and the clear water around this place is the best spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Andaman tourism participants can enjoy these water sports besides seeing thousands of different species that accomplish the Marine life here.

The most important place to visit in Andaman tourism is the Cellular Jail located at Port Blair is a sensational and touchy story teller of the tortures and intimidations that the freedom fighters of India , who were incarcerated in this very prison suffered and this structure was raised in 1906 with individual cells for holding prisoners in solitary confinement. Out of the seven prongs which were constructed originally, three are remaining tact now which are kept as Monuments of Indias freedom struggle, with a light and sound show describing various incidents of the history related to this jail, exciting those who go on Andaman travel.

There are flights from Kolkata for an Andaman travel and the travel time by air will be around 2 hours 5 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes for reaching Port Blair. A traveler can also reach Andaman by sea, which voyage takes 50 to 60 hours. There are four or five sailings from Chennai and Kolkatta and one sailing from Visakhapatnam every month.