Raleigh Bail Bondsman Sees Case of Mistaken Identity

Mistaken identity. It’s something that happens to all of us on occasion. You'll be out and about, and someone will think that you are someone else. It's happened to me and it's happened to you, as a Raleigh Bail Bondsman though this case of Mistaken Identity takes the cake. 

It all started when I got a phone call from an ex-husband who needed help getting his ex-wife, Riane Brownlee out of jail. Normally I don’t take these cases but the story sounded legit and they agreed to allow me to put an anklet braclet on the girl, until her day of court.

I bailed the girl out, which as a bail bondsman is not that untypical and put a tracer on her not thinking nothing else of it, but then this case got weird. The braclet was soon damaged and the girl was on the run.

She would later take a trip to Dunn, NC where she would attempt to buy a vehicle with a worthless check. This vehicle she would also later end up taking and getting away with, committing larceny and fraud.

The story gets crazier though...as I started diving into this girl’s life I started to find some of the items that she owned were also in another name Alexandria Carbonelli. Shocked and a bit wondering what was going on, I soon found that the Riane was pretending to live a duel life as both Riane and Alexandria. As my search for Riane started to go cold I turned my attention to Alexandria, who via her Facebook page seemed to be leading a good life with a boyfriend in the greater Triangle. I decided to pay a visit to the boyfriend and found the car that Riane had stolen was there.

I immediately went up and knocked on the door, “Is Rianne there?.” The boyfriend and owner of the house looked at me dumbfounded “Who is Rianne? It’s just me and my girlfriend Alexandria, here.” Even he was confused at the connection between Riane Brownlow and Alexandria Caronelli. I would pick up Riane/Alexandria from him though and escort her back to jail.

This is a crazy story and one I won't forget. Follow HolmesBailBonding.com to learn more.