Adding stairlifts

Adding a stairlift to the home is a complicated and skilled activity and should only be tackled by a qualified professional who'll ensure a proper match and consumer safety. Dig up more on an affiliated use with - Navigate to this URL:

A stairlift ostensibly consists of two elements;

1) The Track -Straight or Curved train leading up the stairs.

2) The Powered Chair - Comprising of the seat, footrest, armrests and get a handle on unit mounted on the track.

Prior to instillation the majority of step raise companies will complete a study to assess the environment that the stairlift will be fixed prior to confirming the ultimate estimate.

As part of this study the engineer will examine the situation of the steps as the track or track will be secured to it and therefore will be subject to the weight of the person and stairlift.

The first stage of an installation is to place the track on the side of the stairs that offers the best access and user-experience (normally discussed with client throughout the site survey) if the stairs are sound. A course is generally fixed to the steps by utilizing supports screwed into the stair tread (the top of the stair). The course may be supported entirely by brackets or rest on the stairs themselves relying on the make and model. A course is usually provided by the production in smaller sections which are related by the engineer to perform the installation. Identify extra info on by browsing our stirring link. Learn extra resources on our affiliated portfolio by visiting

The motor is generally installed next If the course has been successfully installed and the wiring work is done.

Eventually the seat is merely attached to the track and the motor and the stairlift will be ready for testing from the engineer.

A circular stairlift causes an even more extensive installation as the course must follow the curves of the wall. Generally rounded stairlifts are considerably more expensive to buy as a result of improved installation time and more complicated executive needed inside the product.

A typical right stairlift can usually be built in 1-2 hours depending on specification..Accessible Systems
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