Why Does My Dog Have Itchy Skin, Bumps, Scabs?

When a dog starts itching (and often yelping as they scratch and itch), most dog owners will take a closer look at the dog's skin. Often, what the owner finds is a dog with red, itchy bumps on his skin, and even scabbing, flaking and peeling.

When a dog suffers from itchy skin, itchy red bumps on the skin, scabbing and skin rashes, there are two common causes: allergies and parasites.

Allergies as a Cause of Itchy Skin, Red Bumps and Scabs on a Dog's Skin

Contact dermatitis is a fairly common cause of skin rashes in dogs. Often these skin rashes can include red, raised bumps, scabs, intense itching and scratching, and even some minor swelling due to irritation from the d