Considering Lucha Libre as a Martial Art Style

People at times wonder if Lucha Libre, literally fighting freely, is a martial art style. The answer can vary greatly, based upon whether you're Mexican or not, because this is the major Mexican wrestling form. The style of Lucha Libre is very much different from what you'll find in the United States. With regards to art, most of the art is in the outrageous costumes and masks put on by the wrestlers. A lot of the wrestlers are considered as masked villains or heroes as they parade around in their outfits.

Several wrestlers do begin in the martial arts, most as legit wrestlers, before moving into this more profitable, artistic style exhibition. They need to be skilled as actors and as wrestlers so as to look good. Often, the early stages of training a professional wrestler in Mexico will require spending a lot of time on the mat dealing with pins, reversals, holds, takedowns, and takedown defense. The major aspects of the wrestling art are found here. A lot of the wrestlers have years of experience in amateur wrestling, while many others come from sports or the martial arts.

A fascinating case in point is Mil Mascaras. He is now known for his high-flying tactics as a superhero Lucha Libre wrestler, but he started as a superhero in the motion pictures. In real life, Mil Mascaras was an incredibly experienced mat technician and was infamously tough. A lot of wrestlers felt tied in knots by his wrestling technique. On the surface, you'd think he was more of a performer and a bodybuilder, but he truly did have outstanding grappling skills.

While training in a professional wrestling dojo isn't going to serve the purpose of developing high skill at amateur wrestling, a little bit of knowledge will go a long way. In real life, having the skills of a Lucha Libre fighter would allow someone to defend himself if he were attacked, since these skills are those employed by regular wrestlers. If you are a big Lucha Libre star, you often must defend yourself. The kind of people who love watching Lucha Libre typically get a bit too into the fights and challenge the wrestlers. eastwood kids karate classes It is not uncommon for a crazy member of the audience to try to join into the match. Numerous wrestlers have had to put the strategies they've learned for the show into action defending themselves as they head to the locker rooms. Stories of wrestlers having to face challenges in pubs are renowned and they are also not glamorous either. Whenever booze is involved, the insane become quite dangerous. Individuals who dramatize toughness for audiences can expect to have their toughness questioned without notice. If you wish to become a Lucha Libre wrestler, you should be skilled in self-defense.

Interestingly, MMA is going to Mexico and this could definitely have an influence on Lucha Libre. There might be less art to Lucha Libre as submission wrestling actually starts to take the place of an amateur wrestling background. Lucha Libre is probably not a style of martial art, but the martial arts basis of many of its artists make it far more intriguing. A lot of amateurs are beginning to pick up Lucha Libre styles.