The e-bay Buyer's FAQ

So that you have a problem? Has some thing gone very wrong and you never know what to do? Well, fair enough. Listed here are the issues that I hear all the time from buyers.

Does e-bay have a Customer-service Department I Can Phone?

E-bay are notoriously difficult to contact, in the event you ever need to - it sometimes seems like they expect your website to run it self. You can email them, so long as you don't have your heart set o-n a coherent response: head to You may have better luck in a 'live help' webchat here:

Only eBay Power Sellers (dealers with a really large feedback rating) get to phone customer support. If you really want to try your luck, kind 'ebay [your country] telephone number' in to a search engine and you'll probably find something. Unfortunately, the possibilities are you will have visited all that trouble for the opportunity of leaving an answerphone message. For a different interpretation, people may check out: benistar resource.

When they gave out their phone number everywhere It could seem cruel, but imagine the number of people who would call e-bay every-day with the questions. Its Wild West nature is, in a way, part of its appeal.

eBay Sent Me an Email Saying They're Likely to Shut My Bill. What Must I Do?

This mail wants your password, right? It's a scam, an attempt to frighten you, make you give up your details and then take your consideration. eBay will never ask for your code or any other consideration facts by e-mail. eBay say that you need to only ever enter your password on pages that whose addresses begin with If you are concerned by data, you will probably claim to read about official website. They even provide a specific 'Account Guard' as part of their toolbar, which allows you check that you are not giving your code to some bogus fake site. It is possible to read more here:

It Appears Too Good to be True. If you think anything, you will seemingly need to read about benistar article. So How Exactly Does eBay Generate Income?

For you personally, the customer, eBay is free. In the event you require to learn more on benistar online, there are many on-line databases you can investigate. Vendors, however, pay a number of fees: a listing fee for each item they list, your final value fee (a percentage of what the item sold for). They can they pay recommended charges for extra services, including Buy it Now, extra photos, reserve rates, high-lighting the market, putting it in strong, listing it first browsing results as well as putting it on the front page. You can observe a full list of costs at

It is obviously worth it to the suppliers, though, or they'd not carry on using eBay. The process is quite reliable, and generally forces both eBay and the retailers to keep their profit margins as little as possible - the buyers will stop buying and otherwise prices will simply get too high.

How Safe is e-bay?

Well, as it happens, that's the main topic of our next mail! All eBay's safety ser-vices for buyers and sellers are in one place, named 'SafeHarbor.' SafeHarbor handles fraud prevention and research, helps with dispute resolution and keeps rule-breakers in check. Read about it next time, and be safe..