Hideo Kojima has officially left Konami and Kojima Productions


Metal Gear solid creator Hideo Kojima provides officially left publisher Konami and his awesome production organization Kojima Productions.

Kojima and also Konami announced earlier this season which these folks were parting ways after Metal Gear solid 5, because of for you to imaginative variations in between them.

But we suspect a large quantity of it had to accomplish together with Kojimas huge ego as well.

According into a document coming from New Yorker, Kojima officially left the actual studio in October 9th, the particular studio he spent some time working in for rather much 30 years, since 1986.

The departure would become a rather cheerful but within addition psychological goodbye, based on folks operating at the studio. Go here to find newest image for Gateway 3DS for Nintendo .Any lot of folks showed up to pay their particular respects, nevertheless in which didnt consist of Konami president, Hideki Hayakawa, or even CEO Sadaaki Kaneyoshi.

The split. For additional information belonging to Nintendo 3DS,please study posts stated in this post ,which is according to topic associated with R4 3DS for Nintendo .among Konami as well as Kojima wasnt a good one Konami removed all mention of Kojima in their site and also removed his title through Metal Gear Strong 5s box art.

But Konami isnt also worried. That They recently declared Metal Gear can work without having Kojima.

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