Major Concerns Related to Rural Health In Odisha

Major Concerns Related to Rural Health In Odisha

Rural development is one of the prominent issues which have to be taken up in a firm manner. Whereby the cities are developing significantly, the picture in rural areas says otherwise. There should be no process of discrediting the government, companies and NGOs, since it’s the responsibility of every individual of the society to contribute towards the upliftment of the poor and needy. The growth can be accelerated with the help of rural development programmes in Odisha carried out by genuine individuals instead of vested interests.

There are lots of stories mired up in controversies related to corruption in this field. Indeed, corruption has to be routed in this noble act of linking the rural people to the mainstream. As of now, health issues are one of the biggest concerns which require immediate attention. Setting up of camps to check rural health in Odisha is a great way to diagnose and treat people affected from any illnesses. Major concerns associated with them include:-


Sanitation – It’s a matter of disappointment that sanitation has taken a backseat in various rural areas. This always needs to step up in concern with the rural health in Odisha. Probably, some of life-threatening diseases are caused due to poor sanitation.

Drinking water – Another major point which needs to be addressed is the drinking water facility. Polluted water is one of the worst reasons for causing diseases. Clean water bodies and quality water treatment will reduce those situations.

Likewise, there are many issues regarding healthcare which needs to be addressed to improve the life of rural people.