Reasons Behind Wrong Hiring


The hiring managers have to be very careful when they undertake the responsibility of hiring a new employee for the vacant position of the job. Wrong decision in the selection of employee while hiring can affect company growth and progress in all the different sectors. Thus it is important to hire correctly and with patience. The reasons which prone the hiring managers to make the poor decision are:

1.  Quick Decision

2.  Not able to give time

3.  Get rid of Interview

4.  Solve Problem

5.  Think of future in a big way


The people at high positions have lost the habit of working. They live in a myth that they are the doers. What most of them wants is just to sit back in the chair and let go whatsoever is happening in the organization. When the company comes up with the need of filling the open job position, it gets them into the immediate action.  The attitude of winding up things quickly to set oneself free from responsibility enforces them to make the wrong and poor hiring decision. There are times when the managers select the candidate based on the gut instinct without any proper judgment.


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The process of hiring requires time and commitment from the mangers involved in the process. If a person fails in giving the demanded time, it leads to making a poor decision. They need to understand the fact that the less time they give initial, the more time consuming it becomes at the later stage to recover from the bad hire. Take time and analyze the employee before making the hiring commitment.


For those who run big companies, have plenty of other things in hand to work on. They have various other problems to deal with other than filling the job position. The problem of disliking the problem is the biggest problem which increases wrong hiring. Whenever they encounter small problems they try to resolve them as early as possible without doing much research and keeping efficient efforts. What generally happens in such case is setting interview for many people and randomly selecting one of them.


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It takes time to really understand what makes a person tick. Evaluating talent is hard, and the more data we have when we are making the decision the better. Deciding too quickly by filling the position with the wrong person doesn’t solve the problem. Rather, it causes more problems and prolongs the agony. Checking the background, knowledge, personality, intelligence, and thinking play a vital role in selection of a right candidate.


The other misconception which leads to bad hiring is thinking just about hiring and not evaluating the choice. Some hirer’s think only of increasing the employee number. They think that if the number of employee is more, the growth of company will be more. They look only at the bigger picture ignoring the small scale problems and do not pay attention to the minute details. 


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