Enjoy Golfing Holidays With Phuket Golf Holidays

Enjoy Golfing Holidays With Phuket Golf Holidays

Phuket is still known as a winter destination for playing golf but in reality golf in Phuket need not be seasonable. Rain in Phuket comes in short downfalls and although there are times of the year when there is higher rainfall the courses are designed and built to withstand the sudden volume of rainwater. It is very rare rain will close a course. Every course provides caddies and these brightly dressed ladies know their courses inside out and however good or bad your golf often provide great tips and maybe even at times a much needed sense of humour!


The Thai island of Phuket is famous for its abundance of lush green golf courses. For convenient access, you should make sure to make use of an experienced, licensed travel company that can help you find the right golf club and course at the right price. No matter whether golf is to be the main focus of your vacation in Thailand or just one of many exciting activities you have planned, it is important to deal with a golf agency which can set up an enjoyable golfing experience for you, even before you leave home.


With distinctive characters, Phuket Golf has now become more popular and most tourists consider the trip to Phuket is more likely a golf holiday. Without doubt, Phuket has been over the years the premier, world-class destinations to host most international famous golf tournaments. Most of the island’s resorts are uniquely designed around natural features of spectacular view of mountainous scenery, definitely to suit your active lifestyle.  Golf enthusiasts will find the best of the best at playing golf during their holidays in Phuket since most golf courses facilitate international standard of quality at affordable prices. The scenic landscapes of this place will perfectly mirror the tranquility you are sure to experience at any Phuket golf.


Phuket Golf Holidays is a local golf company that has been in the business of arranging successful Phuket based golf packages and they are an example of a golf service that will reserve the tee time that you want and take care of transfers and golf club rental, as desired. You may arrange for your own transport to and from the course or have personal pick you up and drop you off at your hotel – either way, you will be able to save money on your golfing when you use a handy and experienced booking service.


Golf is a sport that actually demands good scenery and it is a well known fact that no other destination in the world matches the sheer beauty of Phuket. So today experience the Phuket Golf in relaxing way!