Why we choose fiberglass pool

Rapid installation

Fiberglass pool is directly pre-fabricated from the factory, and ready to install. In fact, it just approved by the Council after four days you can swim. In contrast, the concrete pool can take months to complete, during this period, your backyard will look a mess!


Fiberglass pool has a smooth clean finish gel coat, not rough. No sharp edges or rough surfaces. Compared with this, a number of pebble pool is very rough they can hurt your skin.

Easy maintenance

In the gel coat finish not only looks great, but also it is very easy to take care. The surface is smooth and non-porous, so that it is easy to clear and stain.

Low chemical usage

Nobody likes to swim in the chemical cocktail, but some pools require constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. Not so, glass fiber FRP tank, so there is no surface chemically inert in the pool surface can change the water chemistry. Thus, it has very low use of chemicals and run your pool considerable cost savings.

High strength

The shell thickness of Fiberglass pool exceeds the Australian standards. High tensile strength glass fiber will allow the pool shell without cracking to accommodate crustal movement. No wonder fiberglass aircraft manufacturers are using to build the plane!

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