Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat Production Line

Fiberglass chopped strand mat is an important nonwoven reinforcement material, which is main material of fiberglass hand layup process. The chopped fiberglass strand or roving is non-directional and even distributed, then combined with powder binder or emulsion binder.


The chopped mats are widely used in various FRP applications, such as, tanks, corrugated sheet, automobile parts etc., which has good wet out properties and high tensile strength. The production line takes the chopped fiberglass strand or roving as mat, so it has the characteristics of fine uniformity, high auto-control, lower energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance.


The production lines can manufacture powder, emulsion, non-soda and neutral-soda chopped mats. The line design width of 2.6 meters, 3.6 meters, the capacity is 5,000 tons / year and 8,000 tons/year respectively.


In Mat Production process, assembled roving is chopped to a specified length by a roll with blades and an elastomeric roll, and then falls on the transportation carpet randomly. Then the chopped strands are bonded together by either an emulsion binder or a powder binder. The chopped strand mat will be rolled in a certain width and length after heating.